"The pupils have really enjoyed the Eco Race. The school purchased a trophy for the class which gained the most points and we plan to pass on in next year’s Race!"

Eversley Primary, Basildon.

How to participate

How to participate?

Watch the video above for a quick explanation on how it works (Please note the changes to the rules/scores/awards since the video was uploaded).


1. Want to join the Eco Race?

Fill in the online registration form and press "send".

2. Perhaps you have some questions to ask first.

Check the FAQs document and see if it contains the answers you need. If it doesn’t, contact Aba with your queries.

3. Pencil in the Eco Race dates in the school diary.

The 5 days x 3 weeks during which the Eco Race will take place have been set. Every school will be running the Race at the same time (schools cannot choose their own weeks) so it is a good idea to pencil these dates in the school diary:

02 Oct

19 Oct

16 Oct


To be decided



To be decided


4. Decide what the End-of-Week/Term-Prizes will be for the winning class. 

Your school needs to allocate rewards at the end of each week/term to the class with the highest mean-score, so you need to decide what kind of reward you want to give out. In the past schools have given out non-material prizes such as extra play-time, house points, recognition in front of assembly, handing-over of shared trophy/medals.

Make sure pupils know what the reward is before you promote the Race. 

5. Promote the Eco Race in your school.

Display the Eco Race posters around the school and inform the parents about the activity by sending them a letter/email or by writing something in the school’s newsletter (a "letter to the parents" template can be downloaded from this website).  Hold a school assembly to launch the Eco Race among students and staff and use it – if you want help - to recruit your Eco Race Helpers. Alternatively, you may approach class monitors or Eco Warriors and inform them of their newly added tasks. If the latter is the best option, use the assembly to introduce the Eco Race team to the rest of the school. The assembly is the ideal opportunity to explain to the pupils what they are required to do and the criteria for awarding themselves a daily score.  Class monitors can explain it again in each class by showing the Class Score sheet which should help pupils understand better how the competition works.

6. Prepare the Class Score Sheets.

Download the class sheets,  write the class number/name, the date and pupils' initials only on the Class Score Sheets. If you are using the Excel version make sure you follow the colour-code or scores will not be able to be collated. Do contact Aba if you want a separate score sheet for staff (they could run their own Race!).

7. Instruct your Eco Race Team.

The Eco Race Helpers can be responsible for displaying the Class Score Sheets on the walls of each class at the beginning of each week and for taking them down at the end of the week. They should also go around classes every couple of days (or every day if they are really keen) to chase any Class Score Sheets left blank or partly blank. Once they have collected the sheets at the end of the week the Helpers can also be put in charge of the counting of the scores and of the working out of the winning class (remember: they need to divide the total score by the number of pupils in the class if classes are not all of equal number). Tell the Helpers that they must return ALL the Class Score Sheets to you once that they have been collected and the scores added up. Perhaps you may want to find a safe place for them to keep the sheets so that they do not get lost.

8. Announcing the winners.

At the end of every term  the school should announce the winners and give the chosen rewards. It is up to the school to decide when and how to announce the winners and which prize to allocate. The Sustrans Schools officer does not need to be informed.

9. Send the Class Score Sheets to the Sustrans Schools officer.

The class sheets must be sent to the Sustrans Schools officer as soon as possible. In the past, the postal system (ordinary post and internal post) has proved unreliable, so we have changed our strategy. WE NOW ASK YOU TO SCAN AND EMAIL THE SCORESHEETS TO ecoraceessex@sustrans.org.uk....OR....TO TAKE A PHOTO OF EACH SHEET AND TO SEND IT TO ABA USING WHATSAPP (number on Contact Us page).

10. What happens next?

The Sustrans Schools officer will work out the percentages of travel, send you the results of your school and allocate the prizes according to the various categories. The data gathered during each term is shared with the school but it is NOT shared with other schools. Any comparative data shared with participating schools will be kept anonymous. Participating schools will receive news about winners and the leader-board via emails and through the Eco Race Essex website. 

11. Repeat the process every term.

Remember to promote the Race and run the scheme every term (if your school intends to participate for more than a term) and to send the full set of 3 weeks’ worth of class sheets to the Sustrans Schools officer in order to qualify for any of the prizes in the prize list.

12. Finally...

Wait for news about your pupils’ percentage of Active Travel to school (end of each term) and whether your school has won any of the prizes up for grabs.

Enjoy the ECC & Sustrans Eco Race. Your comments, anecdotes and photos are welcome. We are always eager to include schools’ achievements on this website (appropriate written consent from parents/guardians must be sought before submitting photos).

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