To promote an active and healthy way to start the day among your pupils. 

An active life starts at the front door!

To reduce traffic congestion around your school roads.

Too many pupils are driven to school instead of opting for a healthier, greener and less passive type of transport. The Eco Race rewards those who cycle, walk or scoot and makes the roads around your school more children-friendly during the school run. From 2016 the Eco Race rewards also those who park some distance from the school and walk the rest of the way, and those who travel by bus.





Why Join?

Did you know that…

...Sustrans is one of the “Friends of Eco-Schools England”?

The Eco Race can help you obtain your Green Flag or other Eco Schools awards.

...Sustrans is working alongside Essex County Council to reduce traffic & pollution around schools and to promote active travel?

Essex County Council has now joined the ModeShift Stars accreditation scheme, which allows registered schools to obtain their Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. The Eco Race can help you maximise your efforts in promoting sustainable travel to/from school and get the award(s).

...Sustrans can offer more than just the Eco Race?

Sustrans is a leading sustainable transport charity with more than 150 expert officers working intensively in over 2,400 schools across the UK. Sustrans officers have an enormous impact within a year, through a planned programme of activities providing FREE information, resources and encouragement to those schools wanting to promote a healthier, greener and more active way of getting to/from school. 

In Essex your local Sustrans officer has been organising Learn2Cycle sessions to pupils who needed to learn to ride a bike, arranged for a qualified mechanic to check and repair bikes, delivered Cycle Safety Theory classroom sessions to pupils who did not attend Bikeability on-road sessions and many MANY more activities. All of the above ABSOLUTELY FREE

Contact your local Sustrans officer today and improve the way your pupils and staff travel.

How to participate