Encourage children to cycle, scoot and walk to school.
Join the Eco Race Essex: a FREE and exciting initiative aimed at promoting ACTIVE TRAVEL

The Eco Race is an easy to run competition, which encourages pupils to record how they travel to school, with those who choose active travel (cycling, walking and scooting) receiving higher scores. The Eco Race Essex is FREE and is open to ALL Essex infant, primary, junior and secondary schools.


The Eco Race is made of THREE stand-alone competitions. You can enter for the full year or for only a term (or two!).

News update:

19th April 2017 Spring leg Winners

Highest % of Active Travel KS1 Ghyllgrove infant KS2 Riv...

21st February 2017 Spring leg: participating schools

In no particular order, here are the schools that (so far) are p...

BREAKING NEWS: pupils can now bank 3 points with Park & Stride (as long as the car is parked at least 1 km away from the school and they walk/scoot the rest).

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Why Join

why join

To encourage a more active way to start the day and reduce traffic congestion around your school. Find out more

How to participate

How to participate

Taking part is easy and it will not cost your school a penny. All you need to do is to ask your pupils to record how they travel to school every day for 3 weeks each term. Score sheets, posters, PRIZES and instructions are supplied. Find out more

Frequently asked questions


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